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Don't Succumb to Hail Damage - 4 Inventive Ways to Protect Your Car

Hail is a common occurrence during storm season, and the impact of these fast-moving ice spheres can inflict serious harm on an unprotected vehicle. If you're looking for ways to protect your car from hail damage, these innovative ideas can help:

Raid the linen closet - If your home doesn't have a garage and a local weather advisory issues a hail warning, cover the car with any thick blankets, comforters or even large towels that you have on hand. The more layers the better to add as much cushioning as possible. Load the locations of nearby parking garages into your GPS - This is particularly helpful if you're on the road...
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How to Avoid the Damaging Effects of Potholes

Rain, freezing temperatures and the pounding endured from traffic all contribute to the eventual breakdown of paved road surfaces. If the structure of the road you're driving on has started to fail, it's inevitable that you'll encounter potholes. Hitting a pothole can ruin car tires and throw off the wheel alignment. If your vehicle is traveling fast and/or the pothole is deep, the impact could damage the suspension, destroy the shocks, demolish the bumper, bend the axle, wreck the muffler or warp the frame. In some cases, hitting a pothole with enough force can even deploy a vehicle's airbags.

How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of Potholes

The best way to prevent the destruction caused by potholes is to avoid...

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How to Handle a Tire Blowout to Avoid Further Body Damage or Injury

A tire blowout while traveling at high speed puts you in one of the most perilous emergency situations imaginable. The best defense against a potentially disastrous accident or collision due to a blowout is keeping your tires properly inflated:

Check the air pressure in all four tires every month, and maintain it within the tire manufacturer's recommended range. If the dashboard tire pressure indicator lights up while you're driving, it's telling you that you've lost significant air pressure in one or more tires. Pull off the road as soon as possible to avert a blowout and assess the situation.

How to Safely Handle a Blowout Emergency

Learning how to react to a tire blowout can help you prevent serious...

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Need to Remove a Sticker From Your Car? Read These Tips Before You Start Scraping

If you have outdated or faded auto stickers that you want to get rid of, don't be too hasty about scraping them off. If you don't remove a sticker carefully, it could leave some unsightly scratches. Fortunately, there's a safe way to remove a sticker from your car using just a few supplies:

A hair dryer with a "hot" setting A razor blade, for use on glass A plastic credit-type card, for use on paint Detailing cloths Adhesive remover Glass cleaner Detailing spray

Once you've gathered everything, you can safely remove a sticker from your car by following these simple tips:

Clean off the sticker and the surrounding paint or glass to remove any dirt. With the hair dryer on the highest setting, heat up the sticker. Be sure to...
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No One Wants to Get Caught Driving in a Flash Flood, But These Tips Will Help

As if navigating through a severe thunderstorm behind the wheel isn't hair raising enough, driving in a flash flood might be worse.

Although flash floods can occur with big storms, they can also be the result of rapid snowmelt or runoff from storms far away. These tips can help you avoid the dangers they pose, including auto body damage and life-threatening circumstances:

Pay attention to road signs. Some areas prone to flooding have permanent warning signs that state "Do Not Enter When Flooded." Assume that if you can't see the road beneath the water that the road is too dangerous to cross. Arizona passed a law called the "Stupid Motorist Law" that...
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