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How to Protect Your Children in Case of an Auto Accident

Every day, close to 3,600 children aged 19 and younger are treated for vehicle accident-related injuries in emergency rooms across the nation. To protect children in an auto accident, it's vital to learn ways to reduce this deadly serious risk.

Use Safety Restraints Correctly

Even with the plethora of restraint devices available, approximately 80 percent of children aren't properly secured when they ride in vehicles. Statistics clearly show that with proper and consistent use of child restraint seats,

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Deer Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Car - Tips for Avoiding These Accidents

Approximately one million motor vehicle accidents involving deer occur every year on America's roads, resulting in over 200 fatalities and $1 billion in vehicle and property damage. Here are some safety and precaution tips that can help you avoid a collision.

Look for Deer Crossing Signs

Slow down when you see a deer crossing sign. These warning signs are posted in areas with high deer populations and frequent deer/auto collisions, or in known deer habitats around woods, golf courses and parks, or creeks and streams. By driving slower through these areas, you'll have more time to react to avoid accidents with deer.

Exercise Caution at...
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Safety Check: Warning Signs That Tell You It's Time for New Tires

The condition of tires plays a critical role in vehicle safety. Tires take a beating every time you drive, so it's vital that you know the signs that it's time to replace them. Here are five tire safety warning signs that you shouldn't ignore.

Worn tread - If you want to avoid an unnecessary accident or breakdown, replace tires when tread reach 1/16 of an inch or less. You can easily measure tread depth with a penny, so check your tires frequently. Put Lincoln head-first all the way down into the tread. If you can still see his entire head, there's not enough tread remaining.   Visible tread wear...
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Winter Driving Myths Debunked

Myths abound about how to avoid car accidents and collisions when road conditions get bad during the winter months. Here, we'll debunk a few of the most common myths about winter driving.

MYTH: ABS systems operate poorly in winter conditions. ABS braking systems increase stopping distance, but they also prevent the wheels from locking up. This lets you steer the vehicle instead of sliding out of control and colliding with other cars, obstacles or pedestrians.   MYTH: Avoid using traction control on snowy...
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Wet Weather Driving Techniques That Keep You, Your Passengers and Others Safe

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, wet road conditions contribute to more than 950,000 car accidents and cause over 384,000 injuries and 4,700 fatalities every year. Knowing essential wet weather driving strategies can reduce the likelihood of an accident and let you reach your destination safely.

Keep the Vehicle Well Prepared

Rainy or wet conditions decrease visibility and make it more difficult to maintain control, so it's vital to have your car prepared:

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