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Five Signs of Hidden Damage After a Collision

Various types of vehicle collisions may occur when driving. However, most collisions can be designated into two categories - major and minor. Major collisions generally result in extensive damage to the vehicle, and injuries are more likely to happen. Minor collisions typically result in less cosmetic damage.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, rear-end collisions are the most frequent type of collision - accounting for nearly 29% of all collisions each year. Rear-end collisions are considered minor since the speeds at which they happen are generally...

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Tips for Handling Your Warranty After a Collision

If you’ve recently been in a car collision, you may be wondering about the state of your warranty. Unlike insurance, warranties are offered by manufacturers to help car owners with the costs of mechanical failure or original car part repair. But if you sustain damage in a collision, is your warranty affected?

What is a car warranty?

When you buy a new car, it may come with a warranty. A warranty is a contract between a consumer and the car manufacturer that promises to repair or replace certain damages or parts if...

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Car Frame Damage 101

If you’ve been in a collision, there is a chance your vehicle may have sustained frame damage. A damaged frame can be dangerous to drive with, and may even lead to further damage if left in disrepair. 

Thankfully, frame damage is often repairable. Here’s everything you need to know about frame damage and repair.

What is the frame of a car?

A car frame, also known as a chassis, is your car’s structural support system. Made of steel or aluminum, the purpose of a car frame is to:

Support all mechanical components of the car Support the car body, or shape Support the weight of the vehicle Protect all internal car parts and passengers in the event of a collision...
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How to Finance Collision Repair

As a vehicle owner, you cannot escape the reality that, at some point, your car, SUV or truck will need to be repaired. According to an AAA survey, general car maintenance and repairs cost around $1,200 every year, and that’s just for regular wear-and-tear. That’s not counting the unplanned costs that follow an accident or collision.

According to Statista, the average auto collision claim for physical damage amounted to $3,425 in 2017. Whether you are paying an insurance deductible or an entire repair out-of-pocket, an unexpected repair bill can really put a dent in your finances.

Depending on the extent of the damage, your car may be undrivable until it is repaired, and if your vehicle is your only mode of...

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Four Things To Know About Paintless Dent Repair

Despite its growing popularity, many car owners are still not aware of paintless dent repair. This cutting-edge repair technique can often be a more efficient and more cost-effective way to take care of auto body repairs, so it is well worth having at least some basic knowledge. That’s why we have rounded up a few facts you may not know about paintless dent repair. 

1 – It is More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Dent Repairs

Repairing dents can get expensive. However, PDR is a very affordable option which is one of the reasons why it is becoming so popular. One of the most significant expenses when repairing may be a much more cost-effective option. 

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