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How to Prepare for a Long Drive or Road Trip

Long road trips are an American tradition. Getting prepared for a significant drive before you head out can help ensure the trip is joyful and safe.

Road Trip Preparation

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Road Ready

Getting the car in shape can prevent a roadside emergency that leaves your family stranded for hours. Get the oil changed and check the coolant level, battery, hoses, belts, brakes, wipers and the heater/defroster. Check the tire pressure too, and make sure there's plenty of tread left to help you maintain control in poor road conditions.

Verify Insurance Coverage

Take a look at your insurance policy to see if you're covered for roadside assistance, towing or a car rental in case of a breakdown or accident. Make sure insurance cards are up to date and stowed in the glove box along with any emergency contact numbers.

Prepare for Emergencies

Put together an emergency essentials kit to keep inside the vehicle. Make sure it includes a warm blanket, winter socks and gloves, non-perishable food, bottled water, a first-aid kit, a flashlight and batteries. Don't forget to pack an ice scraper, compact shovel, snow brush, jumper cables and warning triangles or emergency flares.

Plan Your Route

It's wise to have a main route and an alternate planned in case of detours due to winter weather conditions, auto accidents or other unexpected events. Go online and check the services available at various exits, and/or pre-program your GPS. Estimate the expected travel time to reach your destination safely with planned stops for gas and food. Factor in periodic fresh air breaks so you stay alert and don't end in a collision due to drowsy driving.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Take along a portable video player with headphones and pack an assortment of movies. Handheld gaming devices, toys, books or family favorites such as sing-alongs or animal spotting games are also good ways to relieve boredom.

Accidents and fender benders can happen on long road trips. If your vehicle is damaged during a vacation, contact us at Gerber Collision & Glass for expert, guaranteed auto body repair.

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