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Your Road Trip Checklist - What to Do Before You Hit the Road

Getting your car in top condition before a trip can help prevent accidents that put you and your family's safety in jeopardy. It can also avert mechanical breakdowns that require costly emergency repairs. Here's a road trip checklist to get your car prepared.

Brakes Check the brake fluid level and top it up if it's low. If the fluid is a rusty brown color, get the brake system flushed out. Have the pads and rotors checked as well to ensure that the brakes respond as expected if you need to stop suddenly to avoid a collision.   Tires - Check for correct tire pressure,
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How to Prepare for a Long Drive or Road Trip

Long road trips are an American tradition. Getting prepared for a significant drive before you head out can help ensure the trip is joyful and safe.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Road Ready

Getting the car in shape can prevent a roadside emergency that leaves your family stranded for hours. Get the oil changed and check the coolant level, battery, hoses, belts, brakes, wipers and the heater/defroster. Check the tire pressure too, and make sure there's plenty of tread left to help you maintain control in poor road conditions.

Verify Insurance Coverage

Take a look at your insurance policy to see if you're covered for roadside...

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Have an Action Plan Set in Case of an Auto Accident

On average, over 6 million auto accidents occur annually on U.S. roads. With statistics this high, it's wise to be prepared by having accident action plan in place like the following.

Create an Emergency Kit

Along with having a cell phone on you, put a notepad and pen in a kit for your car, along with a disposable camera if your phone isn't equipped with one. Other key components include basic first aid supplies, drinking water, non-perishable snacks, a blanket and a flashlight. Also add a set of warning triangles or cones and

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Do You Live in One of America's Best or Worst Cities for Car Accidents?

Many drivers don't realize there's a direct correlation between where they live and their risk of getting involved in a car accident. Allstate, one of the nation's largest auto insurance providers, recently released its annual "America's Best Drivers Report," which ranks 200 cities across the U.S. based on claim statistics and safety. The company compiles data from millions of insurance claims and factors in population, density and local weather conditions to come up with their list of best and worst cities for car accidents.

American Cities...
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Tips for Driving Safely in Winter Weather Conditions

For drivers in many parts of the U.S., the onslaught of winter means dealing with freezing temperatures, reduced visibility and the possibility of ice, slush and snow on the roadway. Make sure you're prepared for this winter's road conditions by taking some precautions:

Get your vehicle in shape. Check the brakes, battery, anti-freeze level, lights and windshield wipers before winter arrives. Depending on your location, you may want to have winter tires installed too. Put together a seasonal emergency kit. Even if you carry a first-aid kit and non-perishable food in your vehicle, you need to prepare for cold weather...
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