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Does Your Cracked Windshield Need Repair?

Why Timely Chipped / Cracked Windshield Repair Is Necessary

The windshield on your vehicle provides more than just protection from the elements. It's a vital safety feature that can safeguard you and your passengers from harm in the event of an accident or collision. Due to its front-and-center location on a vehicle, though, the windshield is constantly exposed to the risk of flying-object damage.

If your windshield gets chipped or cracked, having it repaired is the best option if it's a chip less than the size of a quarter or a crack less than 8 inches in length. If it's not repaired quickly, the damage can spider out and spread, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to other serious and costly situations.

  • When the cracking becomes extensive, it compromises the structural integrity of the vehicle in which your windshield is engineered to support.
  • If the police see you driving with a badly damaged windshield that they consider a safety hazard, they may issue you a ticket that carries a fine.
  • You may require windshield replacement, which costs more than windshield repair.

Cracked Windshield

Dealing With a Damaged Windshield Temporarily

If you have to continue driving the car until you have an opportunity to get the windshield repaired, follow these suggestions:

    • Cover the chipped area with a piece of clear tape to keep it clean and minimize the chances of it spreading.
    • Avoid extreme temperature changes. Don't use the defroster or air conditioner, and keep the vehicle out of direct sunlight by only parking in shaded areas.

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  • Keep moisture off the damaged area. Stay away from the car wash, and avoid the use of wiper fluid if possible.
  • Try to avoid driving through potholes, slamming the vehicle doors and other jarring impacts that can cause the crack to spread.
  • Take the car to an experienced auto glass specialist, not a mechanic. It takes training and skill to repair a windshield properly.

If you need fast, reliable cracked windshield repair, contact us today at Gerber Collision & Glass.

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