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Five Myths Not to Fall Prey to When It Comes to Washing Your Car

Washing your car regularly can keep it looking new if it's done properly.

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Falling prey to these common car wash myths can leave you with lackluster, scratched paint and a vehicle that looks old before its time.

    • MYTH: It's okay to use laundry or dishwashing liquid to wash the car. These types of cleaners often contain ingredients that can cause serious harm to auto finishes. These caustic substances can strip the outer coatings that protect the shiny paint underneath. When it's exposed to oxidation, the paint dries out prematurely.
    • MYTH: It's safe to use leather protectant products on the dashboard. Products formulated to protect leather aren't designed for use with the synthetic materials used in dashboard construction. To slow down sun damage and protect the dashboard, you need a product that's safe for use with PVC-ABS.

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  • MYTH: It's not necessary to wax the car. Taking the time to apply a coat of wax is essential if you want to keep the finish looking great. Wax acts as an extra protective layer that keeps dirt and grit from adhering to the paint, so you'll have an easier job with subsequent washes. If you want to maintain that glossy, new car look, always polish after waxing.
  • MYTH: A yearly waxing is enough to preserve an auto finish. To shield the paint from environmental and weather damage, it's vital to know how to judge when waxing is needed. One easy way to tell is how water beads on the finish after a rainstorm. If you see long sheets of water, or elongated beads, get out the wax next time you wash.
  • MYTH: Using any type of cleaning cloth is fine. Many owners grab whatever cloths are close at hand, such as clean old towels, T-shirts or paper products, but these can leave scratches on the paint that require repair. To avoid harming the finish, invest in cleaning cloths designed for auto detailing, such as chamois or terry microfiber.

If you'd like to learn more about other potentially harmful car wash myths, or you have paint scratches that need expert repair, contact us today at Gerber Collision & Glass.

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