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Tips for Maintaining Your Car's Pristine Paint Job

Over time, pollution, Mother Nature and everyday wear and tear take a toll on a car's finish. By properly maintaining the paint job with the following tips, you can protect the finish so it retains that showroom-new appearance longer.

Wash the car weekly. Never use household cleaners on auto paint. Instead, use a quality car shampoo and a soft microfiber or terry detailing cloth that won't harm the paint. Be sure to dry the surface with a chamois after washing to avoid unsightly mineral spots.

Wax the finish at least twice a...

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Avoid the Threat of Collisions by Nixing Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a hazard that kills thousands and injures close to half a million people every year on America's roads. To avoid becoming a statistic, it's vital to understand the dangers of driving while distracted and change the behaviors that put you at greater risk.

What Defines Distracted Driving?

Any activity that takes your focus away from the road is a distraction that increases the likelihood of a crash. This includes eating or drinking, talking with passengers, grooming, reading, watching a video, looking at a map, and using a GPS device, radio, CD or MP3 player. The two activities that pose the biggest threats to safety are using a cell phone and texting because they shift your manual, cognitive and visual attention away...

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Common Issues With Car Paint, What Causes Them and How to Prevent Them

Auto paint issues are frustrating, because it's often difficult to pinpoint their cause after the fact. Learning about some common car paint issues and how to prevent them can help you safeguard your car's finish and keep it looking great.


Areas where the clear coat is peeling, or delaminating, can start out small but spread quickly. This issue can occur when incompatible paint products are used during a repair, or from exposure to the sun and elements. The best way to prevent delamination is to always park your car in a garage or shaded area.


Auto paint is protected by a layer of clear coat, so it takes considerable wear or damage for it to peel. Most often, it's caused by a...

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What to Do If You Find Yourself Driving in a Hailstorm

When falling precipitation, freezing cloud temperatures and strong updrafts result in hail, it makes driving dangerous. If you're caught in a hailstorm while on the road, take these steps to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely:

Immediately turn on the low beams, drop your speed, and stay aware of the vehicles around you on the road because other drivers may not know how to react when driving in a hailstorm. Allow three times the usual distance from the back bumper of the vehicle ahead so you can avoid a rear-end collision. Get off the road, but do so safely. The impact speed of hail is greater on a moving object, so your car is at greater risk of damage when it's traveling forward. If you can, pull into a parking garage,
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Collisions by Teen Drivers Reduced With the Help of Driver's Ed Classes, Research Shows

Collisions are the number one cause of permanent injury and accidental death for young adults between 15 and 24. In 2011 alone, traffic crashes accounted for 6,926 deaths. Many parents wonder if their teens' participation in driver's education classes can actually keep them safer when they get behind the wheel.

Driver's Education Increases Teen Driving Safety

Recent research by the American Automobile Association (AAA) has answered the question about whether driver's education classes help reduce the number of teen auto collisions. The motor club analyzed data and found that participation in...

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