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Be on the Lookout for These Common Causes of a Windshield Chip

The windshield is a key structural component of your car. Unfortunately, it's in a particularly vulnerable position that leaves it exposed to damage from a variety of sources. Learning some of the most common causes of a windshield chip can help you avoid hazardous situations and keep the glass intact.

Flying Rocks

Road construction materials all contain rocks of various shapes and sizes. With weather fluctuations and everyday wear and tear, it's inevitable that some work loose from the road surface over time. When these stray rocks get caught in the tires of fast moving vehicles, they're hurled back into oncoming traffic. These airborne rocks are one of the most...

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Wet Weather Driving Techniques That Keep You, Your Passengers and Others Safe

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, wet road conditions contribute to more than 950,000 car accidents and cause over 384,000 injuries and 4,700 fatalities every year. Knowing essential wet weather driving strategies can reduce the likelihood of an accident and let you reach your destination safely.

Keep the Vehicle Well Prepared

Rainy or wet conditions decrease visibility and make it more difficult to maintain control, so it's vital to have your car prepared:

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Recognizing the Symptoms of Driver Fatigue Can Prevent Life-Threatening Accidents

Driving while fatigued increases your risk of being involved in a life-threatening auto accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) identifies driver fatigue as the cause of over 100,000 car accidents, 40,000 injuries and 1,150 deaths annually. Knowing the causes and symptoms of driver fatigue and learning effective strategies for preventing this driving hazard could help save your life.

Causes and Effects of Fatigued Driving

A lack of quality rest and long periods of wakefulness are frequent causes of driver fatigue. Fatigue can affect any driver, but night-shift workers, commercial drivers who put in long hours...

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Aggressive Driving Is a Surefire Way to End Up in a Crash

Aggressive driving can put you and your passengers at increased risk of an automobile accident when you head out on the road. It's hard to define the exact reason why driver aggression is escalating, but the swelling number of commuters and frustration with traffic congestion nationwide are considered contributing factors. In addition to a greater risk of involvement in a crash, aggressive drivers who act recklessly may find they have no insurance coverage if a collision does occur.

What Defines Aggressive Driving?

Deliberate acts such as tailgating,

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Sharing the Road With Cyclists: How to Stay Safe and Avoid Accidents

Cycling is popular across the United States, both as recreation and as a form of transportation. All states consider cyclists as vehicle drivers with the same roadway rights as motorists. When driving, you need to keep an eye out for cyclists and treat them just like any other slow-moving vehicle. The following tips can help you stay safe and avoid accidents and collisions while sharing the road with cyclists.

Use common sense when passing. Wait until you're sure it's safe before passing a cyclist. Always allow at least three feet of space between you and the bicycle you're passing...

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