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What to Look Out For Following a Rear-End Collision

Being involved in a rear-end collision, or any auto collision for that matter is a stressful experience. Sometimes, collisions can cause much more damage than it first seems. It is important to know what to look for after a rear-end collision.

1 - Hidden Auto Collision Damage

In some cases, it may appear that your vehicle has had a lucky escape following a rear-end collision. However, even if it appears that there is no visible auto collision damage, it is important to remember that there could be hidden damage beneath the surface. One commonly missed type of auto collision damage sustained during rear-end collisions involves the bumper cover. In many vehicles, the bumper is plastic and doesn’t provide a great deal...

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Knowing When to Tow & When to Drive Away

Auto collisions happen every day with varying degrees of severity. In some cases, auto collisions result in minor, mostly cosmetic bumps, but in others, the damage can be much more serious. In some cases, it may seem like the vehicle has escaped relatively unscathed, only to discover the hidden damage. In that type of situation, driving the car after an auto collision could not only result in more damage, but it could pose a threat to other road users.

How can you tell whether it is safe to drive away from a collision and when it is best to call for a tow? We’ve put together a few helpful hints:

1 – Check the Vehicle for Visible Damage

When it comes to more severe auto collisions, the damage to the vehicles is usually...

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Are Self-Driving Cars Really Safer Than Human Drivers?

Every day it seems we are racing ever closer to a future filled with autonomous vehicles. One of the biggest selling points being used to garner support for self-driving cars is that they are believed to be safer than human drivers, and as a result, they could reduce the number of auto collisions! Can this really be true? 

California Fun Fact!

Self-Driving cars are coming to legislation ready or not! In California, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles said Monday that it was eliminating a requirement for autonomous vehicles to have a person in the driver’s seat to take over in the event of an emergency. The new rule goes into effect on April 2, 2018 - Source 

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Do You Need a Windshield Replacement or a Repair?

A crack or chip in the windshield of your automobile may not be as bad as you first think. It may not be necessary to completely replace the entire windshield when it is chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged. In many cases, auto glass repair can have your windshield looking as good as new. The cost of repairing a damaged windshield is usually far less than a complete replacement. So, how do you know whether or not you need a replacement or just a repair?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can tell if auto glass repair is an option, or if you need to replace the windshield entirely.

1 – Evaluated the Size of the Damaged Area

When it comes to windshield...

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Must-Have Safety Features When Buying a Car

Automobiles have transformed over the years, especially concerning the safety features available. Many of the safety features we now see as standard where cutting edge technology just a few years ago! 

Traditional Safety Features

It goes without saying, but any car purchased should have some basic safety features. This should not be an issue when buying a new vehicle, but when buying a previously owned car here are a few standard safety features to make sure are in good working order:

Seatbelts Airbags Head Restraints Anti-Locking Brakes Traction Control

Newer Car Safety Features

Now let’s take a look at some of the newest safety features you may find when buying a new...

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