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How to Deal With Hydroplaning While Driving in Rainy Weather

Hydroplaning is a risk when you're driving in rainy weather. By learning what causes this phenomenon and how to deal with it, you'll be better prepared for this nerve-wracking safety threat if and when it happens.

What Makes a Car Hydroplane?

When the tires can't scatter the water in front of your car's wheels out of the way quickly enough, hydroplaning occurs. The water pressure in front of the tires pushes the liquid under the wheels. While the tires are on top of this thin film of water with no traction on the roadway, you lose both steering and braking capabilities.

How to Avoid Hydroplaning on Wet Roads

Hydroplaning is more likely to occur in the first few minutes of a light...

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5 Automobile Safety Tips to Get You Through Extreme Heat

Whenever summer begins in your region of the country, there’s often a time where it gets into the extreme heat zone. This is the time of year when it’s too hot to be outdoors for any length of time. Your car, however, may have no choice. You still must drive during hot weather conditions, often parking in unshaded areas. This is when automobile safety can be an issue.

Here are five crucial safety tips to help ensure that you, your family, pets and vehicle handle summer safely:

Monitor tire pressure: Check tires before and during long trips. For an accurate result, use your gauge when tires are cold, usually before driving in...
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No One Wants to Get Caught Driving in a Flash Flood

As if navigating through a severe thunderstorm behind the wheel isn't hair-raising enough, driving in a flash flood might be worse.

Although flash floods can occur with big storms, they can also be the result of rapid snowmelt or runoff from storms far away. These tips can help you avoid the dangers they pose, including auto body damage and life-threatening circumstances:

Pay attention to road signs. Some areas prone to flooding have permanent warning signs that state "Do Not Enter When Flooded." Assume that if you can't see the road beneath the water that the road is too dangerous to cross. Arizona passed a law called the "Stupid Motorist Law" that...
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Need to Remove a Sticker From Your Car?

If you have outdated or faded auto stickers that you want to get rid of, don't be too hasty about scraping them off. If you don't remove a sticker carefully, it could leave some unsightly scratches. Fortunately, there's a safe way to remove a sticker from your car using just a few supplies:

A hair dryer with a "hot" setting A razor blade, for use on glass A plastic credit-type card, for use on paint Detailing cloths Adhesive remover Glass cleaner Detailing spray

Once you've gathered everything, you can safely remove a sticker from your car by following these simple tips:

Clean off the sticker and the surrounding paint or glass to remove any dirt. With the hairdryer on the highest setting, heat up the sticker. Be sure to...
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Does Your Cracked Windshield Need Repair?

Why Timely Chipped / Cracked Windshield Repair Is Necessary

The windshield on your vehicle provides more than just protection from the elements. It's a vital safety feature that can safeguard you and your passengers from harm in the event of an accident or collision. Due to its front-and-center location on a vehicle, though, the windshield is constantly exposed to the risk of flying-object damage.

If your windshield gets chipped or cracked, having it repaired is the best option if it's a chip less than the size of a quarter or a crack less than 8 inches in length. If it's not repaired quickly, the damage can spider out and spread, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to other serious and costly situations.

When the cracking becomes extensive, it...
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