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Don't Succumb to Hail Damage

Hail is a common occurrence during storm season, and the impact of these fast-moving ice spheres can inflict serious harm on an unprotected vehicle. If you're looking for ways to protect your car from hail damage, these innovative ideas can help:

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    • Raid the linen closet - If your home doesn't have a garage and a local weather advisory issues a hail warning, cover the car with any thick blankets, comforters or even large towels that you have on hand. The more layers the better to add as much cushioning as possible.

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  • Load the locations of nearby parking garages into your GPS - This is particularly helpful if you're on the road frequently. Be sure to set up weather alerts on your smartphone, and when hail is predicted, head for the closest parking garage to ride out the storm in safety. If you can't reach it before the hailstones hit, pull under an overpass, a gas station canopy or a similar spot that can protect your car from hail damage.
  • Grab your floor mats - If you're caught in a vicious hailstorm and can't find cover, pull over in a safe location, grab the floor mats and put them on the roof and hood. This solution has limitations. The mats won't cover the entire car, and you may have trouble keeping them in place if it's extremely windy. On the upside, they could help you avoid some nasty paint and glass damage.

When your car gets damaged by hail, you need expert scratch and dent repair. Contact us today at Gerber Collision & Glass and we'll put our expertise to work to erase any signs of damage.

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