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Fender-Benders Happen, Know How to React

Even a minor fender bender is a traumatic experience. Here is what to do immediately afterward to protect you and your vehicle, and make the situation less stressful:

Focus on safety - Get your vehicle off the roadway as soon as possible to prevent another collision. If you can't move the vehicle, keep your seatbelt fastened, turn on your hazard lights and call 911.

Assess any injuries - Check yourself and any others in the vehicle for obvious injuries first, and then assess whether anyone has other symptoms. Call 911 and don't move an injured person unless they're in harm's way.

Call the police - If you believe a police report is warranted due to injuries or damages, or to establish...

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The 4 Personalities You Meet on the Road

Driver Personalities

When driving, it's so easy to forget about the other drivers out there and just to focus on what our car is doing and where we need to go. But we share the road with many other people who are all hurtling down the asphalt in glass-and-steel contraptions at dangerously high speeds.

If you want to be a safer driver, be aware of the 4 kinds of personalities on the road. Chances are, you'll recognize yourself as one of these personalities and -- more importantly -- you'll spot these personalities among other drivers. Knowing how you and everyone else reacts can help you predict and avoid collisions.

The timid driver: The timid driver is the one who drives slower than the speed limit and sometimes brakes...

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