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The "Language" of Collision Repair

Just like any other industry, the auto body repair industry has its own language! Plenty of drivers do not understand the words used by their auto body repair shop while they are going through the repair process. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the most common terms heard in an auto body repair shop to give you a little more understanding when you find your vehicle in need of collision repair. 

Repair Terminology

Aftermarket Parts

One of the most common terms you hear in an auto body repair shop is aftermarket parts. This refers to any auto part which was not manufactured by the original manufacturer of your vehicle. The price and quality of aftermarket parts can vary a tremendous amount, and they are not always the best option for a repair. A good auto shop can tell you when it is appropriate to use aftermarket parts and when it is better to opt for an original part. 


Insurance can be tricky and not every type of auto body repair is always covered by your insurance policy. When the policy does not include a repair, it is known as an exclusion. Car owners should familiarize themselves with any exclusions in their policy, so there are no hidden surprises when repairs are required! 

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Like Kind & Quality (LKQ)

It is common practice in the auto body repair industry to salvage parts from other vehicles to use in a different repair. When this happens, the parts need to be inspected thoroughly by both the seller and the repair technician to make sure they are similar enough – or of a like kind and quality – of the part that it will be replacing. 

Remove & Install (R&I)/Remove & Replace (R&R)

These next two terms go hand and hand, and you will hear both used frequently in the auto body repair industry. The first is Remove & Install (R&I) which refers to a part which is removed from the damaged vehicle and reinstalled later. The part itself may even be repaired separately if required. The key point is that the original part is replaced. If that does not happen, then it is likely going to be a Remove & Replace (R&R) which means the removed part cannot be reinstalled or repaired, so instead it is replaced by a new part. 

These are just a few of the standard terms you will hear in the auto body repair shop! Hopefully, they will help you have a better understanding of what is going on with your repair, but don’t forget – you can always ask your technician to clarify anything you are unsure of! 


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