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Do You Need a Windshield Replacement or a Repair?

A crack or chip in the windshield of your automobile may not be as bad as you first think. It may not be necessary to completely replace the entire windshield when it is chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged. In many cases, auto glass repair can have your windshield looking as good as new. The cost of repairing a damaged windshield is usually far less than a complete replacement. So, how do you know whether or not you need a replacement or just a repair?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can tell if auto glass repair is an option, or if you need to replace the windshield entirely.

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1 – Evaluated the Size of the Damaged Area

When it comes to windshield damage, size most definitely matters! In fact, it is one of the main determining factors in whether the windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced. However, each case does need to be evaluated individually, but as a general rule of thumb, if the damaged area is less than the size of a dollar, there is a good chance an auto glass repair is a viable option. If it is more significant than that, repairing it will be too difficult, and a replacement windshield may be required. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, so it is always good to have a glass repair specialist look at your vehicle.

2 – Where is the Damage Located?

Aside from the size of the damaged area, it is also important to consider the location of the chip or crack on the windshield. If the damage is directly in the driver’s eye-line, then replacement is the best option. Even if the crack or chip is relatively small, the auto glass repair could leave a slight mark, and that could impair the driver’s vision. If the windshield is cracked at a corner, then it will almost definitely require a full replacement rather than a repair. This is because damage in the corner is going to make the whole windshield unstable and it is in danger of breaking or shattering at any moment!

3 – How Much Damage is Present?

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When there is only a small amount of damage present, it is far more likely that an auto glass repair will be successful. A good guideline to follow is if there are three or fewer chips or cracks, then a repair will be enough. However, any more than three and the windshield will lose some of its integrity and is more susceptible to sudden shattering. If there is damage in several places, it is usually best to seek a complete windshield replacement over a repair.

These are just a few guidelines that will give you some idea as to whether you need a windshield replacement, or if auto glass repair is a viable option. However, you will need to seek expert advice for a definitive answer. Why not go ahead and get a free, instant auto glass quote from Gerber Collision & Glass, North America’s leading auto and glass repair companies.


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