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Driving can be a very stressful experience. Traffic, construction, unknown locations and other challenges face drivers every day. The advent of smartphone technology has brought with it many apps that serve to make the experience easier. These apps run the gamut of functions, including navigation, parking, trip planning and gas management. Take a look at these top apps that help make driving a breeze.

WARNING: Using your cellphone while driving is extremely dangerous and against the law. These apps should only be used with hands-free technology or when you are not operating a vehicle.


If you aren't using Waze already, you're missing out on some amazing features. At its core, Waze is a navigation app, and it does its competition one better by not only computing the best routes, but also offering insights on traffic along the way. Voice-guided navigation is complemented by the community that the app has built around itself. Wazers can update maps with different road conditions like heavy traffic, road construction and even the presence of traffic cameras.



One of the funniest but most frustrating challenges that drivers can face is remembering where they've parked. This is especially true when you park at a multi-level parking complex where it's easy to get lost among the many other cars out there. The app leverages Bluetooth connectivity or motion detection to pin your car's location on a map. Later on, when you need to locate your vehicle, Parkify then provides you with accurate directions as well as a distance-to indication to ensure you find your ride easily. 



This one is for those who are craving a little adventure. RoadTrippers combines the best aspects of navigation and location reviews in one platform. The basic version allows you to plot up to seven waypoints in your journey. It then spreads out everything you might want to visit along the way—from attractions to diners, hotels, and so much more. It even allows for syncing across multiple devices so everyone coming along can be guided accordingly. If you shell out for the Plus version, you can add more waypoints, collaborate with friends, and get exclusive deals.



GasBuddy touts itself as the only app that helps drivers “fuel better”. In an age where gas prices can reach ridiculous heights, it provides an invaluable function—it shows you the gas prices for pumps in your area so you can compare for the best possible deals. More than that, it offers rebates and discounts when you use their free GasBuddy card. Additionally, you can also earn free gas credits—called GasBack—when you shop your favorite brands through the app. It's really great savings all around.



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