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  • November 2022

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What To Do After a Hit-and-Run Collision

Auto collisions can be a stressful experience and what may make the situation even worse is when one party flees the scene, making it a hit-and-run collision. 

Unfortunately, hit-and-run collisions occur more frequently than the public realizes. According to the most recent data from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than one hit-and-run collision occurs every minute on the roads in the United States. Additionally, there has been an average of 682,000 hit-and-run collisions yearly since 2006.

Hit-and-run collisions add a different element, and knowing how to handle such a situation can be tricky. Keep reading to...

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High Mileage Cars: How to Keep Your Vehicle Running Longer

With how American cities and towns are constructed, using a vehicle for everyday travel is almost necessary. Fortunately, cars on the road today are more equipped to last longer than 20 years ago. 

As a result, more and more people are approaching and surpassing the 100,000-mile marker on the odometer. The average vehicle lifespan over the past 20 years has increased by four years-jumping from eight in 2000 to nearly 12 in 2020, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Since Americans drive an average of nearly 13,500 miles per year, what actions can be taken to keep a vehicle running...

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