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Tempe, AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr


AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 11/20/18

Recently I was involved in an accident and I was directed to Gerber Collision by Geico Express. Gerber and Geico exceeded my expectations. The service was fast and the results were excellent. Thank you.

Marvin S

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 10/18/18

Outstanding workmanship and done earlier than estimated. Great job of keeping me up to date.

Wayne B

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 10/11/18

Excellent job. Made the whole process very easy

Sarah M

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 9/20/18

Front desk ladies Shantayn and Priscilla and Geico claims adjuster Roger were all very kind,professional,wonderful and polite! I am very happy with the services I received! Thank you very much

Leo B

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 9/4/18

Excellent work done by the Gerber team.


AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 8/3/18

The team at Gerber did a great job of getting me and and out very quickly and with a high level of quality and service. I picked up my car a week after the accident! Thank you Brian and your team of professionals.

Joseph E

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 7/19/18

Great service. The repairs were completed 2 days earlier than was quoted. Quick and efficient.

Sae M

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 7/1/18

great service from Jordan

Luke L

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 6/25/18

From beginning to end, service was outstanding! Before contacting Geico, I got an estimate from another source. Was told I'd need to leave the vehicle 5 days & would have to rent a vehicle. All told? Estimate: $1,300. Contacted Geico. Repair was covered. Cost less than my deductible of $500. Service was completed the same day! My Acura RDX looks brand new. Highly recommend!

William C

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 4/11/18

Excellent customer service. Bill H. was exceptionally helpful and understanding. The body work and paint looks phenomenal. Thank you.

Jonathan B

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 4/6/18

Great work. Excellent service! Love the updates daily

Sheryl B

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 4/4/18

Very happy with the whole experience, from start to finish at Gerber. All of the staff was polite and helpful. Jordan took care of the estimate and communication with the insurance company, so I didn't have to worry about anything. They kept me posted on the progress, and completed it promptly. My car looks like new again, so now I can put the bad experience of being hit behind me.

Colette G

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 3/26/18

Excellent repair

Lorraine R

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 3/26/18

I had a couple scratches on my new car from taking it in the back country. To be specifc, tree branches that have scraped the whole length of the car. I drive a black Subaru Forester. I tried to compound of out myself, as you can guess it was a complete failure. I had a huge smudge riding along the whole side of my car. I panicked, called Gerber in Tempe and they told me to come over to look at it. Bill assessed and told me to come back in an hour and he would get it done in 45 minutes. Jordan checked on my car multiple times for me as well. Thank you for fixing my mistake!

Lucille R

AZ - 8045 S Priest Dr, Tempe - 3/22/18

I got my car repaired there last year and everything was done great. A couple weeks ago I noticed the fender was bent so I took it back to Gerber. Bill H helped me out, and even though my fender was unrelated to the accident, he still helped me out and popped it back into place. Great service.

Caitlyn H

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