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Havelock, NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W


NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 10/21/20

You guys were simply amazing with your professionalism, courtesy, & keeping me in the loop every step of the way. You have earned a lifelong customer! Thanks again for such a positive experience!

Patrick B

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 7/27/20

Very quick and professional. Set up for my rental car and all.

Johnetta L

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 7/15/19

Awesome job by all involved with case and my repairs!!!

Micheal B

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 9/5/18

If you want the PERFECT repair shop ONLY come here!!! Professional, friendly, EXCELLENT work. People are beyond awesome!! I have been there twice and will never go anywhere else. My car both times came out looking like brand new. Never could I be so happy. Sammy does the best work that I have EVER seen. And Amy is just a delight. So friendly and always a smile on her face. You almost don't want to leave :) But ANY type of work that needs to be done on your car - this is the place that can make it look like new and you would be crazy to go anywhere else. Gerber is it!!!!!!!

Karen S

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 3/7/18

I brought my car to Gerber to address some dings, scratches and dents. An appointment was set up immediately and I was seen the next day at the time I could most easily arrive on my lunch break from work, what's more with with zero wait. Not only was the resulting work on my car impeccably beautiful, I received unparallelled customer service from top-notch people. Sammy and the team at the Havelock, NC location were not only incredibly accommodating with regard to the timing of my repair but provided excellent communication throughout the repair process. Sammy clearly went the extra mile to ensure that I was taken care of and happy at each step of the process. I was initially welcomed by Amy's cheery smile and felt right at home during every interaction with every employee. The service provided by Sammy was professional, personable, ... expedient and genuinely enjoyable. I would take my car back without question and trust them to take care of my family's and friends' vehicles as well in the future. On scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best rating, I would rate this overall as a 20. read more


NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 12/31/17

After a minor accident that involved our radiator and grill we had to check for a location that could help us repair it. We needed to find out if it could be done before our holiday was over, and, if not, make other arrangements. We checked with our insurance company and they advised us to go to Gerber and we chose the location in Havelock, North Carolina as it was closest by. When we arrived with our vehicle at Gerber we were greeted in a professional manner and provided clear instructions on how to park, so that, the work could be inspected. The interior of the offices is clean and neat. The offices were being repainted and they appeared bright and vibrant. As the vehicle was being checked I noticed that Gerber uses a water based paint to 'easy on the environment'. This is very important to me and I was glad to know they use this ... product and others like them. We had to wait a while before being taken to our rental car facility. The staff and management were kind to us and acted hospitably. Fresh coffee was offered as well as a safe place to wait. It took a few hours to determine the time for the work to be done and they let us know right away. We were provided with updates via telephone during the work. It was all done on time and satisfactorily. They even washed the car when done! read more

Alfred B

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 12/8/17

they were very fast and friendly. did a great job

arnold d

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 10/11/17

Excellent job! Amazing job transforming my wrecked damaged car back into a beautiful car again. Thank you all for your professionalism and the fantastic job!

Alexandra S

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 10/6/17

These guys did an absolutely fantastic job with my 2016 Toyota Corolla... I had a missing side view mirror and a rough looking left side of my car to include missing honey caps... came back to me looking brand new... I'll be using and recommending Gerber to everyone and anyone. Thank you guys

David H

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 10/6/17

This shop and staff is far beyond professional !! They are caring, organized, proficient, efficient, knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond for you! The process was so easy! My rental car picked me up and when my car was ready I just left the rental there. Thank you SAMMY!!! And all the staff on behalf of myself and my husband for what you did.

Keri M

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 9/5/17

Are you replacing the doors are repairing? I do not want repaired doors; I insist on new doors. Someone should call me with an answer before moving forward.

Brenda F

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 5/11/17

Customer service exceeded all of our expectations. Completed our vehicle sooner than they quoted and the quality of work was absolutely amazing. The staff was professional, knowledgeable and very friendly! We recommend Gerber Havelock to everyone!

Brian M

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 4/13/17

It only took one day for the repairs. Very fast.

Desiree P

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 4/12/17

Holy smokes! Best customer service EVER! Phil is by far the most accommodating manager I've ever encountered and I knew my car would be better than new when it was complete. I wasn't let down. I have referred all my friends, family, and co-workers to Havelock Gerber. Seriously, most phenomenal customer service ever. They bent over backwards to take care of me.

Janine G

NC - 562 US Hwy 70 W, Havelock - 1/5/17

An absolutely wonderful place to get damage repaired. They promised to complete the work in one day and made it happen. We were passing through Havelock in our RV and are very glad we chose to go to Gerber. The people there are highly skilled and great to work with.

Anne B

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