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Deland, FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd


FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 11/22/18

Great job. Tom explains everything very carefully and with as much detail as needed.

David G

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 11/21/18

Excellent job! Informative, Thorough and Timely. Beautiful Results.

Harold C

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 11/19/18

Tom S. and staff of Gerber Collision handled our claim in a highly professional manner keeping us informed throughout the process. Everything was handled for us , the car rental etc.. All the repairs are guaranteed and we highly recommend Gerber Collision.

Louis R

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 11/16/18

We've had two vehicles repaired and one additional estimation done here. Very good work and service. Tom was especially courteous and helpful.

William V

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 11/10/18

5 Star Great job My car looks great, very Happy, Tom S and the staff did a great job thanks for helping me, The work was done right.

Barry K

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 11/4/18

My vehicle received several thousand dollars worth of damage due to a rear collision. Gerber was recommended and our family had also had two other vehicles repaired at the Deland location (GMC truck and Honda Civic). I met Tom at Gerber who handled everything and made sure I was kept informed. I really felt comfortable after he explained the process and everything that would be accomplished in getting everything repaired. He was very polite and patient with our questions and really made us feel like we were valued customers. I could not believe how good the car looked once repaired and he again went over every detail and emphasized that everything they did was fully warranted. I thank Tom and the Gerber Staff for a "Job Well Done"!

Valeria T

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 11/4/18

Tom was outstanding explaining everything that was going to have to be repaired and then keeping me updated on the progress. This was my first experience with Gerber and I was honestly a little skeptical since I would normally have gone to the dealer. I was pleasantly surprised by those that recommended Gerber and once there the level of service that I received. Tom is truly a credit to the Company due to his knowledge, experience and his demand that your vehicle will be repaired right. He demands a high standard from the shop guys and it shows in his demeanor and concern for his customers. I only hope that those at the corporate level recognize what a valuable employee he is to the Company or any company that he chose to work for. I know it is a team effort and the folks in the shop and those in the office were great as well. A real team ... effort and I would highly recommend. read more

Jody T

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 10/31/18

Tom S did a very courteous and thorough job helping coordinate the restoration of my car. It was a semi-classic car that had been very well-taken- care of, and he seemed to go to extra effort to ensure that the older metallic paint could be properly matched. He also replaced the rear bumper for fear that the new paint would not properly adhere to it. I was very pleased wit the service. Tom did say that the paint rep said it was an experimental paint, so I should check back with him in 30 days to make sure that the paint "took". I will follow up at that time if the paint had problems, but the service was great!

william a

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 10/26/18

Loved Tom!! He was great and explained everything thoroughly. They did a great job on the repairs

Kay O

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 10/24/18

Tom stokes was very attentive tho what needed tho be done. He let me know every day where they were at and approximately how long my car would be. Tom stokes makes Gerber what they are

Robin B

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 10/24/18

Tom was the greatest my crv looks brand new and he made sure all parts involved in this were fixed. He throughly explained every step of the way even had pictures of the steps till complete.i would highly recommend Gerber of DeLand to friends

Cathy R

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 10/1/18

Two months after purchasing our new 2018 Honda CRV we had a collision with a coyote at 9:30 PM on route from Daytona to our home in Deland. There was obvious significant damage to the front of the car from below the hood to the bottom of the bumper. Checking closer your estimator Tom Stokes discovered more damage that was hidden and could have caused later trouble. Tom reviewed the necessary repairs and OEM parts needed and placed the orders . He explained in detail how the electronics would be repaired by the dealership as this was a major concern for us. When we left our car we were confident the repairs would be done properly and they were. Thank you Tom and the staff who worked with you to get us back on the road Ron & Diana

diana s

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 9/27/18

Great service, helpful, couldn't ask for a better experience when dealing with a car accident. Tom S. was wonderful, knowledgeable and showed experience with our problem. I always felt we and our car were in capable hands. Thanks Tom

Susan J

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 9/24/18

Staff was friendly and helpful. Tom S. was very fair and I would definitely return for future auto services.

Jackie S

FL - 1925 S Woodland Blvd, Deland - 9/10/18

Kudos to Tom Stokes for his helpful service and expedited repair. It was my wife/s "baby" and he took great care with it. Also a special mention for the person handling the paperwork and reception , Madeline, she was cheerful and always so helpful. She is a keeper. and deserves a raise. Most importantly, the repair was done very professionally and with great workmanship, and my wife could not see where it was damaged after it was repaired. She is quite happy. Thank you Tom and Madeline, we will return and tell all our friends.....

Glenn M

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