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Aftermarket Parts Usage for Insurers - Michigan 3 Credits

This course is designed to help agents obtain a more comprehensive understanding of Aftermarket Parts including different types of Aftermarket Parts available, differences between Aftermarket and other non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Having this understanding enables insurance personnel to better serve policyholders and offset the risk and liability of insuring vehicles, potentially lowering the cost of collision claims, and reducing the number of vehicles that are deemed a total loss (through utilizing cost savings on replacement parts). CREDITS: 3

Auto Body Collision: Repair Process #67591

This course explains to insurance professionals how damaged vehicles are repaired, from A to Z.  We start with the estimating process and continue through final delivery to the vehicle owner.  We touch on frame, body and paint, parts sourcing, "repair vs replace" decisions, PDR and all other topics relevant to the repair process.

Auto Body Collision: Repair Process - Michigan Course # 67591

This course explains to insurance professionals how damaged vehicles are repaired, from A to Z.  We start with the estimating process and continue through final delivery to the vehicle owner.  We touch on frame, body and paint, parts sourcing, "repair vs replace" decisions, PDR and all other topics relevant to the repair process.

Auto Fraud Tolerance & Technology - Michigan

Agents will gain a thorough understanding of the insurance fraud model act as designed by the National Conference of Insurance Legislators and review the legislation environment around the country. They will better understand the role of insurance fraud investigation bureaus, special investigative units and the organizations that assist the industry in deterring fraud.  They will also see what fraud costs the industry and to learn how technology trends are affecting the industry.  We will improve our decision making process by reviewing case studies on fraud incidents. CREDITS: 3

Auto Theft & Fraud - Michigan

The increase in claims involving vehicle identity theft or "cloning" is rising in the United States. More than 225-thousand out of one-point-five million vehicles stolen annually are cloned vehicles. VIN cloning has cost consumers and insurance companies 4 billion dollars over the last 10 years. Knowledge of this practice enables insurance personnel to better serve policy holders and offset the risk and liability of insuring a vehicle which may be stolen and subsequently cloned. This workshop is designed to explain and provide working knowledge of the basic criminal elements and operations participating in this form of vehicle theft. The insurer will be able to inform and assist policy holders in the safe purchase of a vehicle. We will discuss methods of detecting and reporting cloned vehicles. CREDITS: 3

Collision Repair for Insurers - Michigan

This course includes a step-by-step guide to the entire auto body repair process, from estimation through repair and refinish to final vehicle delivery. In addition, attendees will understand the reasons for potential delays, learn about parts and their usage, as well as discover how to properly set customer expectations. A guided shop tour, highlighting each repair step, brings the course information to life for attendees and ensures a complete understanding of the repair process. CREDITS: 3

Collision Repair: The Masters Course - Michigan Course # 70244

Collision repair from A to Z. Touches on the history of collision repair, the current state of the industry, the repair process, ethical issues, lean and green issues, understanding estimates, safety issues and what’s on tap for the future. CREDITS 6

Consumer Identity Theft - Michigan

The primary objective is to give insurance professionals a thorough understanding of the crime of identity theft and how it affects consumers. They will gain a better understanding of what types of identity theft can occur and how to best assist the consumer in resolving their issue effectively and efficiently. They will now have access to tools that will assist them in the regulatory environment for compliance and be able to guide consumers with resources to help them minimize their exposure to this crime. CREDITS: 3

Ethics - Decision Making Approaches - Michigan

This course is designed to provide insurance professionals an overview and general understanding of a variety of approaches to ethical decision making. The process of evaluating the ethical issues and determining a positive outcome will be implemented through several case studies. CREDITS: 3

Ethics at Work, Sharpening Our Professional Judgment - Michigan

This advanced interactive continuing education course reinforces the importance of ethics within the insurance profession while identifying enduring ethical concepts, values, and principles that impact an agent’s ethical decision making process. Through analysis of three unique case studies, agents will address ethical situations of greater complexity that are typical to their industry. By practicing moral reasoning skills, agents will enhance their ability to make decisions in difficult situations protecting their reputations and generating long-term value for the companies and clients for whom they work. CREDITS: 3

Ethics in Collision Repair - Michigan Course # 68777 3 ETHICS Credits

This class explores ethical issues, starting with everyday life, moving into business arena then transitioning into collision repair.  This class will address  unethical repair practices and the differences between ethical and unethical shops.

Impact of Distracted Driving on Insurance - Michigan

This course will help you understand the scope of the problem distracted driving has become. It is driving up the number of claims you are processing but worse, it is creating fatalities which leave families devastated forever. We intend to provide you an education that will benefit you and your policyholder. Today's vehicles are complex and it is important that the collision repair shop, insurance company, insurance adjuster, insurance agent and customer are communicating in tandem. It is also imperative that as professionals, we communicate important driving tips that may prevent harm to your insured’s. This is an open forum, hopefully we can learn a lot from each other. CREDITS: 2

Rental Reimbursement - Michigan

The purpose of this course is to provide the insurance professional with a thorough understanding of how the personal and buisness auto policies, and their related forms and endorsements, provide rental reimbursement coverage to policy holders after an insured motor vehicle sustains physical damage loss. This magerial will disclose specific statistics and key findings concerning motor vehicle losses and claims from studies conducted by J.D. Power and Associates in addition to data supplied by, the A.M. Best company, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the National Safety Council, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Insurance Information Institute. This course will also review sections of various auto policies and their related forms and endorsements so the participant can master an understanding of ... the coverages, exclusions, terms, and conditions they contain.  Physical damage coverage (i.e. collision, other than collision, comprehensive, or specified perils) will be evaluated and rental reimbursement coverage will be discussed to learn how it applies after a policy holder's vehicle sustains a loss.  The consequences of physical damage losses will be reviewed, along with those faced by the policy holder who does not have adequate insurance coveage to pay the costs associated with the rental of a replacement vehicle while the damaged vehicle is out of use. CREDITS 2 read more

Star Quality Customer Service - Michigan

Star Quality is the way to describe a Customer Service Representative (CSR) or an agent who shines. If you have Star Quality, you are going to stand out, do the right thing, and communicate messages of quality and safety to customers and callers. When you develop Star Quality, you’ll experience a transformation that makes you an integral part of the business, a more recognized representative of your insurance company, something greater and more personally satisfying than just “the person who sells me insurance” or “the person who answers the phone.”  Your talent is precious. A lot of demands are made of you to use your time and talent effectively, despite the unpredictable requests from your clients, your supervisor, and your teammates. Whether you are in a large claims center or ... smaller agent office, the skills required to provide “Star Quality Service” are the same.  We know your job is challenging. In this course, you will identify the challenges you have – things that make serving customers sometimes difficult. Then you will use tips, techniques, tools, and skills covered in this course to improve your interface with customers. CREDITS: 2 read more

Technology Ethics - Michigan

The primary objective os to give insurance professionals a thorough understanding of how the inability to responsibly manage nonpublic personal information (NPI) affects consumers, business and the industry. You will gain a better understanding of what the regulatory envirnment is for consumer protection and gain access to tools on data breach management allowing you to more effectively manage customer NPI. The knowledge from the course will better enable you to counsel personal lines customer in the area of NPI management and commercial lines customers on minimizing exposure to data breaches and the consequences. CREDITS: 3

Vehicle Inspection for Insurers - Michigan

This course is designed to give insurance agents general knowledge on how to inspect a vehicle for prior damage that may cause it to be unsafe and uninsurable. You will also receive information that will help you detect theft or fraud. After attending this workshop, you will be able to make a more informed decision when writing policies in order to prevent fraud in the event of a future collision repair claim. CREDITS: 3

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